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Complete digital solutions in document & records management, automated data capture and business process management


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October, 2017

Kodak PS50

 Kodak PS50Scanning pictures and other memorabilia is now fast and easy. Whilst it used to take one to two minutes to scan a single photo on a flatbed, you can now scan up to 85 photo in just one minute! The image quality and automatic enhancement are sim

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Hire a scanner today!

Hire a scanner today!Are you implementing a new document management system? Moving premises? Or simply trying to catch up with your scanning backlog? Here at Scanner Superstore we provide scanner hire for a wide range of scanners. Each coming with different fe

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Brother ADS-2800W

Brother ADS-2800WThe Brother ADS-2800W network scanner comes complete with a stockpile of features including a user-friendly colour LCD touch screen and wireless connectivity. This is ideal for quickly scanning to Cloud services and emails, freeing up the user

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Why become paperless today!

Why become paperless today!Safe and secure:Storing in the Cloud has benefits. There is no longer any need to create backups, the old days of creating backups are long gone. With the Cloud every change is saved instantly without the user having to do anything.

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Canon DR-C225W

Canon DR-C225WThe Canon DR-C225W is a Wi-Fi scanner for wireless connectivity in the office, point-of-sale or in the home. The DR-C22W’s built-in Wi-Fi allows wireless scanning from mobile, tablet and PC devices. Ideal for sharing among office users, cap

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