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Customer Support

All of the solutions that we provide, whether they are document management, business process management or data collection systems become an integral part of the day to day running of an organisation. Downtime for any of these systems and the inability to access important data can therefore create dire consequences whether financial or loss of productivity.

Technicians are trained and approved by the appropriate hardware and software partner including Canon, Kodak Alaris, Fujitsu, Epson, Brother, Spielberg Solutions, Therefore, ProcessFlows, Opentext, Dokmee, Formic Solutions and FileStream. All technicians will assess support queries, diagnose problems and use either telephone support, online remote support or on-site visits to ensure that systems are running correctly with the minimum amount of downtime.

Hardware maintenance & software support is offered by annual contract. An attractive discount is available for 3 or 5 year agreements. Payment can be made by quarterly standing order at no extra cost.


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With a valid support agreement you can also use our remote support. If you have an urgent support query, you can receive a session ID from our support team. This code is valid for one remote session. The code allows you to download a small program that makes our technicians able to control and configure your system if needed. The remote access works on almost every system without the need of changing any security configurations on the local system or network.

Please call our support team on 01785 785650 to request the remote support.

N.B. Remote supports needs a fully working broadband internet connection.

 Please enter your session ID:

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