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Proof of Delivery Management

Logistics organisations who deliver goods to clients often generate paper based proof of delivery documentation which proves to the client that the goods have been delivered. In a manual paper based process the driver would return the signed proof of delivery document to the logistics depot who would then pass it to the Finance team to match against the relevant invoice. Clients often delay payment to the logistics firm by stating that they have no signed POD document to match to their invoice, this means that the Finance team have to provide the proof to the client.

Ascot Business Solutions provide logistics organisations with the ability to scan their resultant signed proof of delivery documents onto a web based retrieval solution which can then be further tailored to allow clients to access their own proof of delivery documents. The main driver for this solution being to reduce the amount of administration needed for clients to pay their invoices and to ultimately reduce debtor days within the business and improve cash flow.

Proof of Delivery Management
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