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Quality Control

Quality control is one of the most important and intensive business processes. The process of controlling quality in manufacturing, creates huge quantities of information which has to be managed, in many cases stored for long periods of time and made available when requested to auditors.

Ascot has extensive experience in providing solutions to the manufacturing sector, in particular the aerospace industry and we provide document management solutions that not only securely stores all quality documents in an electronic format along with all other documents relating to the job, creating a complete pack of data, but also the ability to track changes in the paperwork via Revision Control, to control the life of the document via Retention Control and at the same time creating a full history of all documents with a comprehensive Audit Trail facility.

Audits and Compliance
The biggest headache for many QA departments is complying with standards, regulations and being frequently audited to make sure these are being met and that quality is being maintained. Our document management solutions not only makes compliance easy to maintain, but many QA departments we work with, have commented on how much our solutions have eased the pressure put on the department during an audit period. Many have said that before they implemented a document management solution, they would have to hand hold the auditors providing them with the data they requirement, which for up to 2 weeks at a time would take them away from their day to day work. Now when an auditor visits they are able to search themselves for the information required, freeing up staff members.

Quality Control
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