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Brother PDS-5000

The Brother PDS-5000 is a professional and reliable document scanner. With reliable paper handling functions and a range of advanced image processing capabilities, the PDS-5000 makes repetitive workflow processes quicker and more efficient.

Key features:

  • Up to 60ppm (120ipm) 2-sided a4 scan

  • 100 sheet ADF

  • Advanced Image Processing

  • Scan-to email, Image, OCR, File, FTP, Network, SharePoint, Application, Printer (software supplied)

  • TWAIN, WIA, ICA, SANE drivers

At up to 120ipm (images per minute) 2-sided scanning and supported by a 100 sheet ADF (Automatic Document Feeder), the PDS-5000 is capable of handling high scan volumes for businesses digitally converting on a regular basis.

Expert paper handling with the Ultrasonic Multifeed Detection and Reverse Roller technology reduces the risk of damaged documents, offering outstanding reliability when batch scanning a variety of document types and weights. The PDS models can handle a range of media capacities up to embossed plastic card, addressing all user and departmental needs.

As well as paper handling upgrades, PDS-5000 has enhanced image processing. Advanced image processing features prepare and clean scanned documents, improving the quality of the scanned image for storing, editing and sharing. Business critical documents retrain their original appearance, giving businesses a professional edge when printing or viewing scans with customers, or when storing for disaster recovery.

Image Processing Features:

Auto-Deskew, Auto-Crop, Auto-Rotate:

Align scanned images for a professional finish

Blank Page Removal:

Scanned blank pages can be automatically detected and removed, reducing file size and document preparation time

Dynamic Threshold:

When images and text are difficult to read due to colour density, the Dynamic Threshold tool lightens or harkens images are required; for sharp, clear and easy to read documents. The levels of light and dark tones can be adjusted as necessary to improve readability.


When original documents have marks and ink blots, the intelligent image enhancement tool helps create a sharp and crisp image.

Background processing:

Smooth and remove unwanted colours, creases or shadows from the scan.

Edge Fill, Edge Clean Up:

Removing unwanted edging produces clean page borders without scanning shadows.

Punch Hole Removal:

Produce clean page borders by removing punch hole marks from the scanned image. The intuitive fill functions can also colour match the document background.

Colour Dropout:

Remove red, green or blue singular or background colours for sharper, easy to read text and to prevent bleed through.

Auto Colour Detect:

With Auto Colour Detect, the scanner eliminates the need to pre-sort batched documents or use separator sheets. Storage space is significantly lessened and the time needed to pre-sort documents is reduced.


Colour images can be saved into mono and greyscale versions, as well as colour, for multi copy use.


Category: Desktop

Scanning speed: 60 pages per minute

Max. paper size: A4

Colour mode: Colour, Greyscale, Black and White

Scanning side: Duplex (double side)

Feeder capacity: 100 sheets

ADF: Yes (A4)

Flatbed: No

Connection: USB

Drivers: TWAIN, ISIS

Compatibility: Mac OS, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP

Click here, to view the Brother PDS-5000 in greater detail.

Please contact us or call us on 01785 785 655 to get a quote and the best maintenance package price for you.

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