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Epson WorkForce DS-530

Unlock the full potential of document scanning

The fast and efficient Epson WorkForce DS-530 duplex colour document scanner is the intelligent choice for business document management, offering world-class performance and versatility. With the ability to scan at up to 35ppm/70ipm, this powerful, compact device offers a wide range of media handling options that enable you to rapidly capture, index, store and share your business-critical documents.

This scanner can help your business gain control over critical information, improve the quality of your business decisions, and increase operational and process efficiency.


  • An industry first with Slow Mode: Scan crumpled, long or fragile documents without increasing file sizes

  • Active Separation Roller System: Prevents tedious double feeds ensuring every piece of paper gets scanned

  • Optional flatbed scanner conversion kit: Enables scanning of items from stamps to passports, books and more

  • Auto Scan Mode: Quickly process physical documents in manageable amounts

  • Optional Network Interface: Easy sharing between users with push scan and pre-defined job profiles

Flexible and versatile media handling:

Featuring best-in-class paper feed technology, an industry-first slow mode roller, and an innovated Double Feed Detection Skip function, the ability to scan challenging media has never been easier.

Whether you’re scanning documents as small as a postage stamp (with the flatbed conversion kit), paper rolls as long as 6 metres, media as thin as 27gsm, thick card at 413gsm or A3 (scanning of A3 media uses folio mode with carrier sheet), you can rely on rapid document processing at the highest quality.

Slow mode:

An industry-first mode reduces the roller speed to ensure that delicate media, such as crumpled or fragile documents, are handled with care without increasing file side.

Exceptional performance for improved productivity:

Designed specifically for businesses that handle high quantities of documents, such as legal and accounting firms, the scanners allow you to capture high volumes of documents quickly.

An automatic feed mode allows even the largest documents on a variety of media to be scanned easily as one file.

Auto Scan Mode:

Auto scan mode starts as soon as a piece of paper is inserted into the scanner – managing the physical and digital processes simultaneously, enabling the processing of a vast number of documents as manageable amounts.

Minimal downtime and reduced user intervention:

An optional flatbed scanner conversion kit allows even the smallest of media (such as postage stamps) to be scanned safely to ensure document integrity allowing all documents to be scanned in one place.

The conversion kit also allows for scanning of passports, books, glossy materials and bound media.

Dynamic and reliable document feed:

Intelligent features such as the Active Separation Roller System help prevent tedious document double-feeds, ensuring every piece of paper is scanned accurately and captured at the highest quality – thanks to the on-board sensors or manual input of paper lengths.

The active feeding system starts with an innovative paper tray that helps pages to be scanned more easily. By reducing the friction between the tray and the page to be scanned, it enables media to pass through the device more easily while minimising feed errors.

Double Feed Detection Skip means difficult media – such as envelopes or documents with post-it modes – can be scanned without risks at the touch of a button.

Long document mode:

Scan a versatile array of media up to 6096mm long.

Accelerated information processing:

Due to the need for the effective automation of a wide range of processes present in back offices and customer-facing environments, these scanners are designed to streamline record keeping whilst delivering high levels of security, reliability and scalability.

These functions are aided by the devices’ ability to ensure high-quality captures (300dpi) at high speeds thanks to image enhancement processing such as auto size crop, auto skew correction (hard edge) and colour slip reduction, carried out by a high-performance, dual-core CPU with hardware acceleration built in.

Technology that helps:

Epson scanners enable you to meet all of your scanning requirements by providing impactful digital content:

  • High quality: On-board image enhancement technology

  • Separate documents: Sort documents easily, with automatic document separation features

  • De-skew: Produce straighter images making them easy to read

  • Convert scans: Convert scans into digital text, thanks to built-in OCR that creates files you can search

  • Auto-rotate: Reduce preparation times with auto-rotation

  • Enhance text: Make your scanned text sharper and easier to read.

Seamless integration:

Epson’s intelligent scanning suite (including TWAIN and ISIS compatibility) allow captured files to be shared instantly – seamlessly connecting with your existing document management systems and cloud repositories so that workgroups benefit from better collaboration and improved efficiency.

Powerful imaging technology:

Easily adjust images whilst scanning, using Epson’s image enhancement software with de-skew and auto rotate functions. Advanced features such as barcode recognition and Zonal OCR allow quick document separation and easy file naming.


Category: Desktop

Scanning speed: Up to 35 pages per minute

Max. paper size: A4

Colour mode: Colour, Greyscale, B&W

Scanning Side: Duplex (Auto double side)

Feeder capacity: 50 sheets

ADF: Yes

Flatbed: No

Connection: USB


Compatibility: Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Mac OS, Linux

Please contact us or call us on 01785 785 655 if you have any questions!

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