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FileDirector - Definitive in Enterprise Document Management

FileDirector brings the future of company management and data distribution into today’s world. This electronic content management solution shortens the time required to organise and handle documents within an enterprise, enormously. This noticeably more productive and more efficient way of working, reduces costs significantly.

  1. Scan & Upload –Capturing information is a very quick process using FileDirector. Scanning was never easier, using pre-definable scan profiles. FileDirector records electronic documents as flexibly and quickly as paper documents. The particular format and source are not an issue and thanks to the included integration with Microsoft Office, you and your staff can archive documents, tables and emails with a simple mouse-click.

  2. Sort & Index - Indexing and sorting documents is handled manually or via OCR (Optical Character Recognition) zones in the document, via full text or barcodes. Index data can be imported via ODBC from other databases or files, or transferred automatically when importing or recording.

  3. Search & Retrieve - FileDirector leaves you free to decide how to conduct your keyword search. You can use the defined index fields to search for information you need, either within an entire filing cabinet or within a given document type. You can also use full text search to locate the documents you need via their content.

Simple Document Management:

Thanks to its extensive range of functions, FileDirector meets all of your document management requirements – today and tomorrow. Ease of use, scalability and a wealth of expandable components make FileDirector the perfect partner for business of all sizes.

The benefits of an intelligent document management system are self-evident, for instance, of the improved efficiency: documents are located, stored and distributed more quickly. What’s more, staff do not waste time or money on duplicating or distributing documents. Digitising avoids all these unnecessary steps and gives your staff more time to avoid all these unnecessary steps and instead, time to concentrate on the essentials. On top of this, document storage costs are reduced because a considerably smaller storage area is required.

Return on Investment (ROI):

In today’s fast changing and complex business environment, paperwork can restrict your ability to operate efficiently. Needless filing and searching costs bustiness’ valuable time and money. FileDirector means documents are stored, distributed and located faster. FileDirector removes the burden of paperwork and free’s staff to focus on essential work.

A further reason for investing in a FileDirector document management system is compliance with statutory requirements, since we help your organisation to minimise the financial or legal risks which can be caused by lost, damaged or improperly used information.

With the increase of paper in our day to day working lives and the mounting constraints and costs of storage space, many businesses choose to pay for offsite storage. Costs upwards of tens of thousands of pounds per year for this kind of inflexible, poorly secure storage solution are not uncommon. FileDirector will take away the burden of spiralling storage costs and in some cases create a return on investment (ROI) in less than a year.

Document security:

FileDirector also provides benefits such as better security control and new options for monitoring the use of documents. You decide at all times who can have access to which document as well as what changes your employees are able to make to documents. Revisions of documents are stored in FileDirector for quality management and to allow you to see what changes have been made and who made them. Then there is also the improvement in customer satisfaction, as a result of fast response times.

FileDirector is compliant with statutory requirement as it enables your organisation to minimise the financial or legal risks which can be caused by lost, damaged or improperly used information. Thanks to FileDirector, complying with the data protection requirements on retention periods and destruction of documents becomes much easier.

FileDirector also helps to make your GDPR compliant. It’s inbuilt retention control not only allows for the destruction of documents based on pre-defined conditions, but also generates reports as proof of the process, a key component of GDPR compliancy.

Right at home with all your business software:

Stand-alone solutions don’t bring about increase in productivity. That’s why FileDirector integrates with outstanding ease into your existing applications landscape. No matter what the applications you use- we are sure to have the right link for those applications.

Office integration FileDirector integrates seamlessly into Microsoft office products such as Word, Excel or Outlook. At the same time, the software also integrates with Windows Explorer, so that all commonly used Windows functions can interact with FileDirector.

FileDirector Cabinets:

FileDirector stores documents in Cabinets these virtual Cabinets are able to store any document format. There are no limitations set by FileDirector on the size or number of documents stored. Normally a company would set up one Cabinet to store their documents. These documents are held in different Document Types stored.

Document Types:

In order to file and classify documents they are stored in different Document Types. In a typical office situation this could for example by Quotes, Orders and Invoices.

A Document Type is mainly defined by the index fields used to classify the documents. These fields are selected from the pool of index fields which have been specified previously and should contain each index field used to classify all possible documents. FileDirector manages over 250 document formats, including MS Office, PDF, AutoCAD, and standard image formats such as TIFF, JPG and BMP.

Using FileDirector’s Office Integration, MS Office documents and emails can be stored to FileDirector in their original format directly from the applications. Other documents can be created by scanning paper documents or importing existing electronic documents or spool data.

Document WorkFlow:

FileDirector has its own workflow module to allow the automatic processing of documents within your company. Documents like invoices can be automatically picked up by FileDirector through emails or by scanning and can be directed to a specific person or department based on the index fields collected. The invoice could be sent to an individual account manager responsible for a specific company or even could be sent to a senior manager for a manual approval if the value is over a certain amount.

Working alongside office integration, FileDirector has the ability to alert your employees when they have received a document for approval and an option can be set to forward the document on or remind the user if a certain amount of time has passed to prevent documents becoming lost.

Please contact us or call us on 01785 785 650 to get more information or a quote on FileDirector.

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