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Fujitsu fi-7260

The Fujitsu fi-7260 scans A4 portraits at 60ppm/120ipm (200/300 dpi), loads up to 80 sheets at a time, and ensures utmost efficiency with amazing scanning performance.


  • Versatile scanning with both flatbed and ADF

  • Skew Reducer to ensure stable feeding

  • Paper Protection function to protect documents from damage

  • Ultrasonic multi-feed detection for security against lost images

  • Backlit LCD for easy operation viewing

  • Comes with PaperStream IP and PaperStream Capture providing advanced image processing functions

  • PaperStream Capture Pro available as an option

Assistance for safe and reliable scanning:

The fi-7260 possesses diverse stable paper feeding mechanisms, ensuring speedy and high-quality scanning without relying on PC performance. Minimise risk of document damage with Paper Protection function detecting anomalies in sound and monitoring paper feed distance. And bid farewell to missing edges with the scanner’s Skew Reducer mechanism. Potential information loss, resulting from multiple sheets being fed through the scanner at once, is also no longer an issue with Ultrasonic Multi-feed detection.

Boosted usability with a user-friendly and versatile design:

Equipped with a built-in flatbed, this scanner can scan fragile documents and thick books, impossible to scan with ADF. Start scanning with a single push of a button. Keep track of scanner operations such as document scanning settings, number of sheets scanned, as well as existing error statuses, using the LCD operation panels. Daily maintenance tasks, including interior cleaning and roller replacement, can also be done with ease for long-lasting utilisation.

High quality images in any condition:

Enjoy sharp, high quality images with the fi-7260’s CCD image sensors. Subtle changes in scanning environment, such as in air temperature and LED illumination, are also no longer a need for concern with the scanner automatically changing background colours to maintain consistently crisp images.

Advanced software for maximised efficiency:

Bypass the inconvenience of making fine adjustments to OCR settings with the Paper-Stream IP scanner driver, supporting both TWAIN and ISIS. The software automatically converts scanned images into exceptionally clean images, supporting OCFR accuracy even when scanning documents with background patterns or wrinkled and soiled documents. Seamlessly linked to PaperStream IP, PaperStream Capture effectively and efficiently feeds information into your organisation workflow with its various batch scanning capture features. Automatically utilising data extracted from barcodes and patch codes, the software also determines your preferred saving destinations and eliminates time allocated to routine tasks.


Category: Desktop

Scanning speed: Up to 60 pages per minute

Max. paper size: A4

Colour mode: Colour, Greyscale, B/W

Scanning side: Duplex (Auto double side)

Feeder capacity: 80 sheets

ADF: Yes

Flatbed: Yes

Connection: USB


Compatibility: Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Linux

Click here, to view/purchase the Fujitsu Fi-7260.

To find out more, please call us on 01785 785 655 or speak to one of our live chat experts.

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