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Fujitsu Image Scanner fi-65F

The Fujitsu fi-65F scans documents in a mere second (A6, portrait 200/300 dpi), and guarantees short wait times with quick start up times of half a second.


  • Easy, one button touch scanning

  • One-second scanning at 300 dpi

  • True, 600 dpi optical resolution

  • Comes with PaperStream IP (TWAIN/ISIS)

  • USB power option for portability

Compact design to scan anywhere:

The fi-65F is the smallest scanner in its class to scan identification and small cards of all types and sizes – such as driving licences, passports, insurance cards, credit cards, and small survey forms. Capable of drawing power from computer USB ports, it can be used even in environments with no AC power sources. Its compact design also allows use in cramped spaces, making it the best scanner for countertops at banks and car rental offices, as well as receptions at hotels, hospitals and retail environments. Perform quick scanning operations naturally while walking with your customers.

The right solution for small-document scanning:

The compact, light weight fi-65F high-speed scanner is ideal for front office, reception, patient intake, and retail environment. It quickly scans all major types of identification and small cards, including driver’s licences, passports, military ID’s insurance cards, credit cards, photos and small survey forms.

Boosting productivity with easier operation:

Scan and save images with just one touch of the button. Coverless scanning capabilities also allow scanning without repetitive opening and closing of the cover before, after and between each scan, making scanning tasks much more efficient. Various intelligent image processing functions like Automatic Cropping, Automatic Rotation, and De-skew enable you to scan high-quality images confidently without adjusting any settings.

Environment friendly specifications:

No only does the fi-65F comply with ENGERGY STAR and RoHS, but its entire manufacturing process complies with strict environmental regulations.

Advanced software for maximised efficiency:

Bypass the inconvenience of making fine adjustments to OCR settings with the PaperStream IP scanner driver, supporting both TWAIN and ISIS. The software automatically converts scanned images into exceptionally clean images, supporting OCR accuracy even when scanning documents with background patterns or wrinkled and soiled documents. Working with the driver, PaperStream Capture effectively and efficiently feeds information into users’ organisations workflow with its various batch scanning capture features.


Category: Desktop Flatbed

Scanning speed: Up to 2 seconds per page

Max paper size: A6

Colour mode: Colour, Greyscale, Black and White

Scanning side: Simplex (single sided)

Feeder capacity: 1 sheet


Flatbed: Yes

Connection: USB

Drivers: TWAIN, ISIS

Compatibility: Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP

Click here, to view/purchase the Fujitsu fi-65F.

To find out more, please call us on 01785 785 655 or speak to one of our live chat experts.

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