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Fujitsu ScanSnap iX1300

Connect your worlds with one touch.

“Just the right fit” to keep life organised:

Fujitsu ScanSnap iX1300 is the compact, yet powerful solution to all your daily and ad-hoc scanning needs. At home, in the office, or even within your remote workspace, the device takes the pain out of scanning so that you are well on your way to a quick and easy digitisation, the moment you need it.

Get right into new ways of working and scanning:

Two ways to scan to match your documents and environment.

No need to worry about saving space for documents using U-turn Scan. Equipped with a new ADF (Automatic Document Feeder) for ejecting scanned paper to the top of the scanner, sit back and relax as scanning proceeds with just a practical space of A4 size or smaller required.

Use Return Scan, to read a wide variety of documents, even feeding manually one by one while multi-tasking at work. The iX1300 feeds and ejects documents from the front, making it a breeze to scan documents like folded paper, business cards, receipts, photographs, and postcards, without having to make any adjustments

Scan almost anywhere: Use the iX1300 to scan in any location with Wi-Fi. 2.4/5 GHz1 support allows stable wireless scanning as an added plus to USB. In environments where Wi-Fi is available, ScanSnap Cloud1 works with a variety of cloud services to save documents to all your favourite cloud services on a simple touch of the button. Images are optimized and sorting absolutely, fuss-free with a host of automated functions. Bring along your AC cable, and the iX1300 is sure to be the right fit with superb performance.

Handy, convenient, but powerful

Simplicity makes the experience beautiful:

The iX1300 comes with just one button, so that you can perform all your scanning tasks with the ScanSnap-favourite “one touch”. Keep digitization processes simple, while boosting efficiency.

Faster scanning for bigger batches:

Productivity is never placed second in priority with ScanSnap. The iX1300 thrives at 30 ppm and holds up to 20 sheets, doubling the capacity of its predecessor. Scan both sides of batches up to 20 documents in less than 40 seconds for speedy and hassle-free digitization.

Ready to scan right away:

Get ready for revolutionary scanning with a single action. One single action to open the cover and bring the iX1300 to life. The extension slides out on opening of the cover, so that all you need to do, is place your documents and press the Scan button for clean and optimized images.

Daily ad-hoc scanning can be carried out with the cover closed as well. No need to power the scanner on yourself, as it awakens on feeding documents from the front.

The all-in-one solution for document management

ScanSnap Home is a total document management software specially designed for ScanSnap scanners. Easily manage, edit, and utilize scans, all in one application.

Accommodates any scanning environment:

  • Create profile icons to pre-set save-to destinations, cloud services, colour settings and much more

  • Save as PDF, Searchable PDF, and JPEG. Create searchable PDF files in a matter of seconds with scanning and OCR processing happening simultaneously

  • Use the Quick Menu to decide where to save after scanning

Easy and convenient:

Post-scan processes shouldn’t be a hassle. The software recognizes documents and groups by type (documents, receipts, business cards, photos), and enables document search using folders, tags, and keywords.


Category: Desktop

Scanning speed: Up to 30 pages per minute

Max. paper size: A4

Colour mode: Colour, Greyscale, B/W

Scanning side: Duplex (Auto double side)

Feeder capacity: 20 sheets

ADF: Yes

Flatbed: No

Connection: USB, Wi-Fi

Drivers: N/A

Compatibility: Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Mac OS

Click here, to view/purchase the Fujitsu ScanSnap ix1300.

Please contact us or call us on 01785 785 655 to get a quote and the best maintenance package price for you.

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