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Fujitsu SP-1425

Office scanning simplified at last.

  • Future-proof: Simplified scanning opens doors for professional document capture

  • Resourceful: Purpose built with impressive software suite for efficiency gains

  • Reliable: Intuitively and dependably converts physical documents to digital format

  • Convenient: Simple and easy to use design, ideal for desktop placement

Scanning Performance:

An all-round model providing excellent operability. The Fujitsu SP-1425, the scanner with the flatbed and the ADF, which has a stable paper feed function, supports your demands in order to raise business efficiency by meeting your needs for scanning various documents.

  • Fast scanning speed at a rate of 25 ppm/50ipm: Fast scanning capability in duplex scanning mode with the ADF, 25ppm/50ipm (A4 portrait, colour 200dpi/300dpi) has been enabled

  • Efficiency made possible by combining flatbed and ADF: Equipped with an ADF and flatbed, SP-1425 can scan various documents, from batches of paper to plastic cards* and passports *Flatbed only

  • A wide variety of scanning solutions available: Combining multiple software to work together with your business system allows you to use these solutions with ease thus improving and making your business more efficient

Raise your productivity:

Easily evolve from your physical to electronic documents with the SP-1425. Create one single reference source for all your data by merging paper documents with your digitally born documents. Gain the business advantages of working with more convenient, flexible and secure digital images using simple push button routines. The Fujitsu SP-1425 features a simple operation panel with two buttons (Scan/Stop and Power).

Store, retrieve and manage your documents more productively, efficiently and cost effectively than paper records allow. At the same time actively embrace compliance risk avoidance concerns and increase your customer’s satisfaction.

Placing and Accessing the Scanner:

Insufficient space is not an issue due to the compact design of the SP-1425. This scanner is designed to be used in all kinds of situations, including in places where space is limited.

  • Scanning both sides of a document in one go: The ADF, which has a duplex scanning mode function, and the flatbed have been combined into a single compact scanner

  • Can be placed anywhere: The scanner can be used for any purpose in accordance with your business needs, such as scanning documents for clerical work purposes at an office and for identification/application purposes at a reception desk

Cost effective high performance:

Achieve more in less time. Remove your backlog of documents and transform mixed batches of different thicknesses and sizes including plastic cards to high quality images. The SP-1425 has been designed to provide a simple but efficient paper to digital document scanning platform for all types of businesses looking to adopt a more systematic approach to regular document capture.

Automatic size recognition and blank page removal simplifies scanning operations and pre scan sorting thereby helping to save the inconvenience of fine turning the document for the OCR process. Fujitsu scanners are renowned for their high reliable paper handling capabilities and these help remove image capture disruptions to reduce document management overheads.

Desktop convenience:

With the ADF models measuring less than an A4 size sheet of paper the compact design takes up minimal space on a busy desktop. The small footprint means these devices are always available and within reach for uninterrupted performance. Trade a small desktop space to reclaim a much larger space taken up by paper records. Whether it’ll be sets of loose sheets of documents scanned through all SP Series models’ automatic document feeders (ADFs) or bound materials that need to be scanned with the SP-1425 flatbed module. The SP-1425 conveniently supports the user in regularly digitising all office documents.

PaperStream Capture Lite:

PaperStream Capture Lite is a powerful application used to scan documents with the SP-1425. It is extremely easy-to-use and provides an interface similar to a mobile application. This allows users with little scanning experience to use the scanner almost instantly. PaperStream Capture Lite is based on the “One Click Capture” concept, which promotes reducing the number of times to touch the screen. It is effective in the prevention of operational errors as well as streamlining repeated operations. PaperStream Capture Lite presents itself as an essential capture tool for feeding TIF, BMP or JPEG files into defined capture routines by simply selecting a pictogram presented on screen.

Bundled with business enhancing functionality:

Turn lifeless business records into searchable, secure yet dynamic documents that can be fed into digital archives. The bundled version of ABBYY FineReader Sprint creates searchable and editable files from your paper documents allowing you to retrieve information more efficiently at a future date (the OCR processing can handle 190 languages). Call this application directly from within your PaperStream Capture Lite profile and searchable PDF and PDF/A files are just one click away.

Presto PageManager offers further manifold possibilities for the enhancement, conversion and organisation of your personally used files.


Category: Desktop

Scanning speed: Up to 25 pages per minute

Max. paper size: A4

Colour mode: Colour, Greyscale, B&W

Scanning side: Duplex (auto double side)

Feeder capacity: 50 sheets

ADF: Yes

Flatbed: Built-in A4

Connection: USB

Drivers: TWAIN, ISIS

Compatibility: Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP

Click here, to view/purchase the Fujitsu SP-1425.

Please contact us or call us on 01785 785 655 if you have any questions!

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