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GreenBox - why should you use it?

Updated: Jan 28, 2019

Our sister company Ascot Business Solutions introduces GreenBox; a multifunction input device that captures digital records. The GreenBox functionality can be used for the verification of an individual as required by various associations such as FICA and RICA during any enrolment or registration process. The GreenBox document scanning functionality generates digital records of supporting documentation, eliminating the need to make photocopies and captures a high resolution digital photograph, fingerprints, signature with optional passport scan and smart card reader.


  • Enables paperless transactions

  • Verifies an individual’s identity

  • Small desktop footprint (169mmx350mm)

  • Reduces your carbon footprint dramatically

  • Electronic records available in real-time

  • Transaction time reduced dramatically

  • USB powered

  • Eliminates the management, transport and storage of paper records

  • No photocopying required

  • Replaces a paper file with a digital record

  • ECT, FICA, RICA, NCA, CPA compatible

GreenBox is a flexible and powerful multifunction device that allows you to input multiple types of documents and biometric information. The device has built-in functionality for the scanning of passports, driver’s licenses, identity papers and any type of document, as well as a smart card reader. This technology gives you the ability to store all these vital documents in one place.

Developed by Meniko, GreenBox has a unique biometric functionality that sets it apart from other scanners. A built-in fingerprint scanner can be used to provide the best security for your business, and ensure that the people you are dealing with are who they claim to be, whether they are an employee or customer. In addition, a digital signature reader and identity photograph camera ensures an even greater level of safety and security.

The innovative device is designed with a multitude of sectors in mind. HR and security divisions of any organisation can benefit from what GreenBox has to offer. GreenBox can be of vital use in the areas of employee screening, illegal immigration screening, background checks, student enrolment, medical patient enrolment, visitor screening, secure entry systems, banking services, financial transactions, customer registration and more.

With GreenBox, you will see the benefits of the paperless transactions it provides. Reducing your carbon footprint, reducing clutter and reducing printing and stationary costs. GreenBox lets you use digital storage to its greatest potential. GreenBox is compatible with all major document management systems, meaning that you can seamlessly integrate this technology into your existing system. And it can easily fit on your desk too, with its cutting-edge design integrating all its components into one small piece of hardware.

GreenBox 4001:

The GreenBox 4001 allows you to capture:

  • Physical documents, including drivers licences and identity documents

  • Digital signatures

  • Identity photographs

  • Fingerprints

Ideal for security and human resources, this product lets you safely store and check employee, customer and visitor information, all in one easy-to-use piece of technology.

GreenBox 5001:

Allows you to capture:

  • Physical documents, including drivers licences and identity documents

  • Digital signatures

  • Identity photographs

  • Fingerprints

  • Smart card data

Ideal for HR and financial transactions, this technology allows you to get all the information you need in one paperless process

GreenBox 6001:

Allows you to capture:

  • Physical documents

  • Digital signatures

  • Identity photographs

  • Finger prints

  • Passport scanner

Ideal for human resources and secure systems, this product ensures that the person you are dealing with is who they claim to be. The green box 6001 can analyse biometric information, individual signatures, and ID documents like passports and driving licenses, to give you confidence that your business is as secure as possible.


  • Identity verification

  • Customer enrolment

  • Initial customer transaction

  • Human Capital enrolment/management

  • Patient enrolment

  • Student enrolment

  • Professional enrolment (Medical & Dental)

  • Supply chain control

Financial Services:

  • Account opening

  • Loan origination

  • Credit card application

  • Bond application

  • Insurance applications


  • Patient enrolment/verification

  • Medical aid fraud prevention

  • Medical professionals enrolment


  • Account opening

  • Customer verification


  • Delivery confirmations

Internal Processes:

  • HR enrolment

  • HR control

Supply chain:

  • Dispatch control

  • Driver verification


  • Cell phone applications

  • Cell phone upgrades

  • Hardware repairs


  • Student enrolment

  • Student verification


  • Identity verification

  • Identity document applications

  • Passport applications

  • Customers control

  • Tax registrations

  • Company registrations

  • Voter registrationCensus

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