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greenstore – protecting your information

greenstore provides a better way to manage documents in your business. Using this technology, documents are electronically stored, indexed, and can be accessed by workers across the organisation. Permissions for access and editing of certain document can be easily configured, so you can tailor greenstore for your business’ needs.

Eliminating paper, reducing costs and increasing efficiency; greenstore gives you an edge in innovation. Working in conjunction with greenbox and greenform, the lifecycle of a document is controlled and managed effectively across its lifecycle. Any type of document can be stored within greenstore, from invoices and orders, to contracts and HR files, and can be accessed using the greenstore application or via the web.

The innovative document management system is safe, secure and powerful.


  • Prevents loss of documents and paper files

  • Instant access to stored documents

  • Multiple user retrieval of same content

  • Eliminates the management, transport and storage of paper files

  • Replaces a paper file with a digital record

  • Simplifies data management procedure

  • ECT, FICA, RICA, NCA, CPA compatible

  • SANS 15801 Compliant

In today’s technology driven business world competitive Advantage is what determines the success a business enjoys. Electronic Content Management is the storing and retrieval of business critical documents and electronic content efficiently, securely, and quickly at point of need. Efficient ECM can mean the different between winning or losing business.

Small, Medium and Large business together with government structures are reliant on documents, data and electronic content to operate effectively. Purchase orders, proof of Delivery documents, Invoices, Contract, HR files, R&D documents together with most business processes generate large volumes of paper documents and electronic content. This content needs to be managed.

Standard functionality:

  • Storage and retrieval of multiple different format of records

  • Multi-layer encrypted password access control

  • Web Module

  • Verification and Identification of finger print

  • Archive Module

  • Outlook plug in

  • IndentLit (Finger print indentification 1:5000)

greenstore is an ECM Solution which securely stores and manages all documents, data and electronic content a business or organisation receives or generates. From hard copy paper files scanned in to electronic data and content generates by critical business process, greenstore securely manages all formats of content.

greenstore works together with both greenbox and greenform as a modular turnkey solution which manages paper and electronically generated content from “cradle to grave” in a secure yet easily accessible environment.

Additional options:

  • Document Scan Interface

  • Document Indexing

  • Indent (Finger print identification 1:10000)

  • IndentPlus (Finger print identification 1:20000)


  • Accounts payable

  • Purchase orders

  • Proof of delivery documents

  • Invoice

  • Contracts

  • HR enrolment

  • HR Files

  • R&D Documentation

  • Financial services

  • Account opening

> Loan origination

> Credit card application

> Bond application

> Insurance applications

  • Health care

> Patient enrolment/ verification

> Medical aid fraud prevention

>Medical professional enrolment

  • Supply chain

> Dispatch Control

> Driver Verification

  • Telecommunications

> Cell phone application

> Cell phone upgrades

> Hardware repairs

  • Education

> Student enrolment

> Student verification

  • Government

> Identity verification

> Identity document applications

> Passport applications

> Customs control

> Tax registrations

> Company registration

> Voter registration

> Census

  • Internal processes

> HR enrolment

> HR control

  • Retail

> Account opening

> Customer verification


> Delivery confirmations

Please contact us or call us on 01785 785 650 to get a quote and the best maintenance package price for you.

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