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How to become Paperless!

We are currently living in a digital age, where it’s possible for companies to go completely paperless. Documents can now be read, shared and edited on a computer. A paperless office not only benefits the environment, it can save capital, improve security and simplify the workflow. Below are some tips on how you can become paperless.

Discourage Paper use:

One way to becoming paperless is to discourage employee from using paper. A few ways to do this can be:

  • Make it less convenient to print. Reduce the number of printers in the office and place it in an inconvenient location. If employees have to make a journey to print, they’ll be less likely to do so unless it is necessary.

  • Creating a recycling policy within the company. If employees become more actively involved in becoming environmentally friendly, as a result of this, they may decide to use less paper

  • Track the number of pages being printed by each person. This will help to show each employee exactly how much paper they are using.

Scan Everything:

Whenever you receive a physical piece of paper, scan it and save to your document management system, the cloud or your computer. Check if you need to keep the original version of the document, if not dispose of it. Scanning old documents saves a lot of space and reduces clutter. If you’re looking for a scanner, our sister company Scanner Superstore sells scanners, to check out our website click here. However, if you have lots of documents cluttering your office, we offer bureau scanning no matter how large or small your archive is. We scan all types of documents and can shred your documents for a small added cost.

However, if you don’t correctly label documents, finding them again will be time consuming. Set up a system for labelling documents, and maintain consistency as you label and scan your files, using a document management system can help keep documents organised and safe in one place. We offer a variety of document management systems, keep reading to find out more.

Rethink printing and paper use:

Look for ways to cut down on your printing and paper use. You can save paper even when you have to print a document. Reduce the font size of the document to 10. Adjust the margins, so the words take up more space on each printed page, and print the document on both sides of the paper. By utilising these tips, you can use less paper when you print documents. Think twice before printing anything, and when possible, read documents on your tablets or laptop instead. If you need to share a document, use email.

Document Management Systems:

We offer Document Management Systems, a digital filing cabinet. Allowing you to manage and control all of your information and documents in a secure and central location. It is the electronic images of paper based information captured through the use of a document scanner. Document management systems show how your organisation stores, manages and tracks electronic documents. Here are the two most popular systems we offer:


FileDirector offers a powerful, cost effective and easy to use document storage solution. Suitable for enterprise clients, small businesses or workgroups where there are critical business processes such as invoices. Unlike traditional software with up-front costs and ongoing support frees, FileDirector Cloud is an offsite service, which means your business does not have to worry about the upkeep of services or systems. Using FileDirector will give you a competitive edge with a lot of benefits. It is an electronic storage media which references all information intelligently, allowing you to access the information faster, securely, at any time via the internet. To read more about FileDirector, click here. We also offer something called FileDirector Cloud, read more here.


Another Document Management System is ScanFile, which is one of the most popular. Offering flexibility, referencing and retrieval of organisations documents. ScanFile supports a vast range of black and white and colour document scanners. Including features to make storage of electronic documents (I.e. Word Processing and Excel) format files a straight forward task: including integration with Microsoft office applications. It allows users to design and create document storage folders and scan, send and import documents. Search and document viewing tools are comprehensive but easy to access and use. Designed to be modular, so users can purchase the features they require. Click here to find out more.


Dokmee is a secure, easy to use document management system designed for a variety of purposes including document capture and storage, search and retrieval, and file sharing. Dokmee adapts to any business model by maximising accessibility and functionality in repositories of all sizes, while increasing collaboration and communication between users. With a very user friendly interface available in 19 languages, Dokmee is the smart and flexible choice. To find out more about Dokmee, click here.

To find out more, please call us on 01785 785 650 to chat to one of our experts.

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