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Our services – Consulting, document scanning service and more


Here at Ascot Business Solutions, we offer a full range of consultancy services in the area of automated data collection, document and records management and business process automation.

We have a wealth of knowledge based on more than 15 years practical experience within the industry, in which we have been involved in the implementation of major projects in industry, commerce and the public sector.

Services include project scoping, tender preparation, technical support, business continuity, system implementation, system security, system administration, and operational training, compliance and legal admissibility issues.

We are a solutions company with one aim in mind…to give you the best advice in order to provide a bespoke solution.


As part of a successful document management installation, we believe that a good, clear understanding from all the users is key to successful working practices.

Ascot provides training that gives a solid grounding into the full capabilities of all the document, data capture and business process management systems that we provide to our clients. We also tailor training to meet your own requirements so that all knowledge gained is relevant to your own applications and processes.

All training can be performed either on-site or at our state of the art training facility.

Scanner Hire:

Do you have a backlog of documents that need scanning but don’t want to invest heavily into an expensive scanner you will rarely use?

Hiring a document scanner is something worth considering to help your business digitise a backlog of documents without a high cost of actually purchasing a document scanner. At the end of a project, it is easy to be left with a high spec scanner that is too excessive for everyday use. These problems can be avoided through hiring or renting a document scanner.

As standard, we offer nationwide scanner hire on a wide range of models to help businesses in need. Our scanner engineers will deliver your scanner to you on a date chosen by you. Assistance with remote setup and installation is available by our in-house technical team. Although a breakdown is rare, the scanner is fully covered, including parts and labour during the entirety of the rental period.

Need the scanner longer? Don’t worry, our scanner rentals have no hidden costs, you have the choice of extending with no hidden charges.

Document Scanning Service:

Our investment in the latest technology means that we can offer you a full range of solutions.

These solutions include:

  • Scanning to CD/DVD or HDD of all documents, regardless of type, size or condition

  • Colour scanning: (highlighted areas in red are never lost)

  • PDF format (for use on the Internet and amendable format)

  • Barcode reading (automate indexing of your documents)

  • Optional licensed retrieval software, with its easy to use proven technology and wide applications.

In helping you to solve your document management problems, you can be confident that we are able to identify and deliver the most appropriate solutions for you. We have converted many millions of documents for many major clients in both the private and public sector.


  • Quality Control – because of the vital importance of the documents, we ensure that all documents are 100% checked (unlike many of our competitors who cover as little as 5% on a random basis)

  • All work is performed in-house – at our Stafford based head office by our own team; we do not use any outworkers, a practice which is rife in our industry

  • A secure environment for your documents – smoke detectors and intruder alarm systems in place in our modern office building and is securely locked 24/7


Confidentiality agreements are a precondition of employment for all staff.

Canofile Conversion:

Do you still have important data stored on Canofile magnetic optical disk?

Canofile is no longer supported by Canon and is an outdated method of storing your valuable information. With every passing year the difficulty of restoring your Canofile data grows to the point of complete obsolescence.

Some data formats and media types stand the test of time, but many do not. As with 3½” and 5¼” floppy disks, the useful life has long since ended for the Canofile format. Organisations that require ongoing access to images stored in Canofile formats are probably already facing daily frustrations in doing so, and the situation is destined only to get worse.

We specialise in the quality conversion of Canofile 250/510 Disks to TIFF/PDF formats which can easily be imported into document management systems for network availability, with quick turnaround times and security and confidentiality of your data guaranteed.

Our customers include many FTSE 100 companies, local and central government departments.

To find out more, please contact us or call us on 01785 785 650 to chat to one of our experts.

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