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Security reasons for implementing a document management system

With data breach on the rise and organisations at risk of natural disasters, security and data backup are becoming increasingly important. Even with the necessity of data protection, some organisations still do not implement the appropriate security measures needed. Read more below to find out the security reasons for implementing a document management system.


When it comes to the transfer of sensitive documents, specifically through email, it can be a huge security risk for any business. Even though it is a useful business tool, email is a weak point for organisations, as emails in transit can be an easier point of entry for hackers and interceptors. It also allows for human error, as employees could send sensitive information to the wrong person. With the use of a document management system (DMS), it greatly reduces the need to transfer documents through email, as DMS allow the users to share and view from their system itself.

Digital archiving:

If an employee is unsure about when a document should be deleted to uphold legal compliance, or know it’s an important document which will be useful, the digital archive feature will help store these key files without consuming a large about of space. Digital archiving, prevents document damage and allows offices to stay decluttered, as there is no need for paper documents as all the information will be on the document management system.


Working collaboratively on documents with other employees, whether internally or externally is important in most organisations. However, it is not easy keeping up to date with an influx of documents. It can also be difficult when documents are stored in filing cabinets, allowing only one employee to use a document at a time. Document management systems enable the authoring, reviewing and approval of documents by giving users viability of where documents currently are. This is a useful security feature when it comes to the reputation of your organisation, as it can prevent misidentified, incomplete, inaccurate and unapproved documents from reaching your customers.


Document management systems prevent the loss of data within the system often by moving documents to both primary and backup storage folders that are never kept within the database. Much like the conventional back up process of saving duplicate documents in separate locations, DMS’s do this automatically, again removing the risk of human error. Automatic backup ensures retention of an organisations database structure and files on a regular basis; it is a high-level data destruction-resistant feature, especially for those operating in natural disaster-prone areas. 

Access Permissions:

Document management systems allow admins to set up system permissions calibrated down to an individual document level, meaning only authorised users has access to file and documents. This prevents sensitive data from getting into the wrong hands and significantly reduces the risk of data breaches.

Version Control:

Allowing one user to edit a document at any time, a document management system (DMS) will prevent important document changes from being lost and duplications being made. A DMS will leave a full audit trail on all files, documenting exactly who has edited these and what changes have been made, whilst simultaneously keeping a fully accessible log of all previous versions.

Below is one document management system we offer.


FileDirector is the future for the administration, and distribution of information, because it decreases considerably the time taken to manage and access all of the information within an organisation, allowing you to become more efficient and productive, whilst reducing costs. The definitive in Enterprise Document Management.

Security in any document management solution is vital, therefore FileDirector lets you have complete control over document access, activity auditing, revision control, retention control, and automatic storage of documents and emails.

Capturing information is easy in FileDirector. With support for thousands of scanning and digital input devices, and with predefined Scan Profiles, scanning has never been simpler. FileDirector’s Microsoft Office Integration takes just a click of the mouse to capture documents, spreadsheets and emails.

Classifying documents can be done manually, or taken from the documents themselves by zoned OCR, full text OCR or barcode reading. Index data can be imported from other databases or files, or values can be automatically applied when importing or capturing documents.


  • Built-in control of ISIS & Twain scanners

  • Windows client or web browser access

  • Integration with the windows desktop & MS office apps

  • Audit train, version control, and document control, and document history

  • “print” documents in from any application like sage

  • Create custom document exception reports

Retrieving documents is a simple task. Type in what you are looking for into the index fields and you’ll get a list of documents back, which you can then view. Or use the full text search option to find documents that contain the word or phrase you want to look for. Viewing documents cannot be more straightforward. Just double-click on the document record and it will be opened. FileDirector supports over 200 different file formats. You can easily page through, view thumbnails of it, and look at any previous versions of it, if it has been revised. You can also open and look at several documents at once.

Process management allows you to send documents to users via a set of predefined steps, where each user or users must perform specific tasks, such as commenting or approving a document. An ideal tool for applications such as invoice processing.

FileDirector supports up to 128 servers working in unison and can cater for thousands of users, whether in the same office, town, country, or spread worldwide. It’s unlikely you will outgrow FileDirector. Storage is not a problem with FileDirector. Working with Microsoft SQL or Oracle, it supports multiple document storage schemes, and can easily handle millions of records and documents.


  • Centralise important business information

  • Secure your documents and share only with approved users

  • Capture information from scanned documents

  • Create custom approval workflows

  • Make documents accessible to customers

  • Easy storage

  • Automatic audit trail

  • Time savings

  • Accessibility and security

  • Improved customer service

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