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The document scanning service we offer!

Turn your files into easy-to-manage digital files and we’ll do all the work!

Here at Ascot Business Solutions, we offer a professional scanning service to organisations of all sizes throughout the UK. Our team take care of every detail from the collection of your documents, removal of paperclips and staples, indexing each file to your specification, this creating a digital record for you at an industry standard.

Our investment in the latest technology means that we can offer you a full range of solutions. These solutions include:

  • Scanning to CD/DVD or HDD of all documents, regardless of type, size or condition

  • Colour scanning (highlighted areas in red are never lost)

  • PDF format (for use on the Internet and amendable format)

  • Barcode reading (automate indexing of your documents)

  • Optional licensed retrieval software, with its easy to use proven technology and wide applications

We can scan documents of every type, colour and size from a postage stamp to AO drawings, single or double sided, colour or black and white and even microfilm and microfiche.

In helping you to solve your document management problems, you can be confident that we are able to identify and deliver the most appropriate solutions for you. We have converted many millions of documents for many major clients in both the private and public sector.

At Ascot Business Solutions we take security and quality control very seriously and have systems in place to ensure we maintain the highest quality standards. Our customers include constabularies, local councils, NHS, Transport and many more.


  • Quality Control – because of the vital importance of the documents, we ensure that all documents are 100% checked (unlike many of our competitors who cover as little as 5% on a random basis)

  • All work is performed in-house at our Stafford based head office by our own team; we do not use any outworkers, a practice which is rife in our industry

  • A secure environment for your documents – smoke detectors and intruder alarm systems in place in our modern office building and is securely locked 24/7

Additionally, we employ our own vetted scanning staff and shredding of your documents can be organised on site to keep sensitive information secure.

We can deliver your scanned files to you in a variety of formats on either CD, DVD or USB stick. Given access, we can even upload them directly to your network or we can upload them to the cloud. We offer a range of software to make retrieval simple and secure using keyword search.


Confidentiality agreements are a precondition of employment for all staff.

Our initial consultation and quotation is free so why not call us on 01785 785 650.

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