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Creating a Paperless office

Create a new paperless filing system:

Investing in a document management system will replace filing cabinets and remove paper documents cluttering the office. A document management system (DMS) is an electronic filing cabinet, used to track, manage and store documents and reduce paper. Most DMS are capable of keeping a record of the different versions created and modified by different users, logging the tracking history. Here at Ascot Business Solutions, we offer a number of different DMS. Find out more by clicking below.

Choosing the correct system which best fits your company can be difficult, contact us and one of our experts can help determine which document management system will best fit your company.

Digital signatures:

There is no legal reason to require paper documents with hand-written signatures, an e-signature is legally binding. Digital signatures lead to faster approval processes because they can reduce document turnaround time, digital documents can be emailed, completed, returned and saved, within minutes. This can also reduce printing and mailing costs.

Digital Scanners:

If you have a high volume of documents to digitise, it could be useful to either rent or buy a scanner. By scanning documents, you can upload them straight to your Document Management System, as you upload them, you can index the documents, for easy retrieval when you next need them. Our sister company Scanner Superstore, offer a range of different scanners, from big A3 production scanners, to small footprint A4 scanners and even portable scanners. If you need help deciding which scanner will be the most appropriate for the workload you need to scan, feel free to contact us. If you only want a scanner for a month or longer to scan your backlog of documents, we also offer a scanner rental service, and a document scanning service, to find out more click the links or visit our website.

Shred documents:

After scanning the documents, you are now able to shred the documents. Shredding the documents will remove unneeded documents from the office. If you are shredding important/sensitive documents, please ensure you use the correct micro-cut shredder security level, level 3 is considered good enough, but ideally you should aim to use a level 4.

Digital receipts:

If you need to provide receipts to customers, switching to digital receipts is an excellent alternative. It allows your company and customers to save records without using paper.

Benefits of becoming paperless:

Easy access to informationUsing a document management system, collaboration tools have made it possible for people to work on the same documents at the same time, no matter where they are located. Offering quicker and easier access to information.

Improved securityPaper documents are subject to two risks: theft and destruction. When you scan confidential documents, you can restrict access to them, meaning you can limit the access of sensitive information to select people.

Automatic data captureWith digital workflows comes automation, using web-based forms to collect and exchange information not only speeds up the process, but improves data quality. Digitally captured data is more reliable and means access to better information, faster turnaround and lower costs.

Increased productivityWith the use of digital technology to collect, edit and exchange information and data not only speeds up business processes, it also improves data quality and reliability.

Improved customer serviceA digital document management system allows businesses to access customer data and retrieve information such as invoices, customer orders and documents quickly, allowing the business to proactively provide customer service and respond to enquiries faster

Fewer expensesPaper documents require a lot of money to maintain. Not only paper, ink, toner, printer but also filing cabinets and onsite storage. Buying a scanner, and scanning the documents in the office would save you space and costs, allowing you to redirect funds towards more important areas of your company.

To find out more, please call us on 01785 785 655 to chat to one of our experts.

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