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ScanFile V10 redefines one of the most popular and easy to use document management solutions with a raft of new functions. ScanFile V10 is a flexible, robust and proven platform for archiving, indexing and searching your documents.


  • Integration in Microsoft Office

  • Works with TWAIN-compatible scanners

  • Numerous options for document display

  • Compatible with a wide range of document formats

  • Document revisions mastered

  • Fully-ergonomic user interface

ScanFile V10 supports practically all commercially available b&w and colour scanners by providing a TWAIN interface and additionally, offers a wide range of document scanner drivers, out of the box. There are wide-ranging functions for handling electronic documents such as Word or Excel files. Moreover, thanks to its Microsoft Office integration, you can initiate this directly from ScanFile.

A clever feature is that ScanFile V10 was developed as a modular product, so you only need to purchase the modules you will actually use. But this modular design involves no sacrifice in terms of ergonomics: you can perform all tasks from the same application.

  • Activity report

  • Intuitive security concept

  • Full text and zonal OCR

  • Barcode and form recognition

  • MS Office integration

  • Based on .NET 4.5

ScanFile V10 is your solution for scanning and displaying documents. All functions are integrated into a single application. After just a few minutes, you will be familiar with the basic functions in ScanFile.

Even setting up document archives can be done in no time at all. You can create as many archives as you need, and have these stored on various storage locations (workstations or network drives).

ScanFile V10 can display a wide range of different file types, including the most familiar formats such as TIFF, JPG, PDF and Microsoft Office files. It also offers navigation aids, so that you can quickly scroll through documents and enlarge or reorient documents at the click of a mouse.


  • Flexible document archiving system

  • Comprehensive security

  • Supports b&w and colour scanners

  • Retention management

  • Index and document import

  • Personalise hit list

  • “Send to..” functions

  • Index import

  • Document import

  • Keywords

  • Document memos

  • Annotations

  • TIFFWriter

Indexing documents can be very time-consuming, but ScanFile V10 contains a large range of functions to make indexing fast and simple. ScanFile offers field functions such as date, numerical fields or index repeat which automatically generate an index entry. In addition, ScanFile can read during scanning and write the values to index fields.

  • Field functions such as date or numerical fields

  • Barcode recognition

  • Form recognition

  • Full text recognition

ScanFile V10 form recognition is a particularly smart feature. The function reads data from the documents which, taken together, clearly indicate that this is a form. With the help of the OCR option, zone reading can then complete index fields automatically.

ScanFile V10 makes search and display child’s play – whatever you’re after: just enter your search criteria in the archive or library toolbox. The software then presents you with a list of documents matching the search criteria. Needless to mention, ScanFile also goes through the full document content, where this has been previously read in using full text recognition.

  • Full text search

  • Index field search

  • Display a wide range of document types

  • Flexible Display options

Using the hit-list, the user can initiate a range of functions, such as to print the document or attach it to an email. A personal hit-list is set up for each ScanFile user, so that a dedicated store of frequently-used documents can be maintained.

ScanFile V10 also displays the documents. The software can handle a wide range of file formats. There is no requirement that the software, with which the file was originally created, is installed on the respective PC to display the documents. Zoom and rotate functions are offered by ScanFile, as are extensive navigation functions.

Please contact us or call us on 01785 785 650 to get more information or a quote on ScanFile.

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