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Capture, automate processes and store all document types for better control and visibility


Alchemy Document Management software enables you to automate any processes within your business that require manual input or intervention. Paper or data that is required to be routed around your organisation can now be automated or for simple storage and retrieval of your files.

For over 31 years, Alchemy has been a reliable, safe and easily accessible electronic filing cabinet for small, local businesses to blue chip organisations. If you’re looking to securely store any document type and allow access to staff both on or offsite, ensuring complete security to what users have access to or your customers, suppliers and any external individuals, then Alchemy can help.

In addition to document archiving, Alchemy has the ability to automate processes with the Productivity Suite Server. A module that can be added to the core functionality, manual intensive departments such as AP, HR, Mailroom or Contract Management could be streamlined to ensure a greater RoI, better control and visibility of your processes and help grow your organisation with no extra overheads.

Use it to solve regulatory compliance problems, to improve productivity and operating efficiency, to provide a disaster recovery plan for documents and as advanced preparation for an electronic discovery request.

What can OpenText Alchemy do for you?

  • Reduce costs while increasing productivity and efficiency

  • Improve customer service and your competitive advantage

  • Reduce risk and address compliance

  • Alchemy helps your operation to grow without constantly adding more clerical staff, and it produces tangible cost savings from reduced expenses on supplies, floor space and labour costs. Alchemy saves you time, money, provides better document security and helps you better maintain documents as records to meet compliance objectives.

  • You have several easy ways to capture documents into the Alchemy archive: Scan paper in from just about any document scanner; drag-and-drop files from Windows Explorer; check documents in from within Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint; or add the entire contents of a network folder.

  • Alchemy is very good at capturing, indexing and managing scanned paper documents, faxes, emails, PDFs, computer reports and anything else in its final form. Once in the archive, anyone in your organisation can find a file in seconds without leaving their PCs and there are no more lost documents to kill your productivity.


OpenText Alchemy Benefits

  • Retrieval time was cut in half

  • “Saved £50,000 a year by eliminating off-site records storage”

  • “Reduced our paper supply costs by £75,000”

  • “Saved us a full-time position”

  • Reduced our exceptions to just 2% immediately

  • Enabled 100% control and visibility over processes

  • These well-documented claims come from organisations who have implemented Alchemy for their document management solution. Your organisation can recognise these impressive benefits too and more.

  • Alchemy will grow with your business while minimising the need to invest in additional IT resources. Imaging, capture, indexing, archival and retrieval, document management, records management, integration and distribution functions are available when and where you need it. To provide additional flexibility for your business, the document management software runs either on a server or as a stand-alone desktop configuration, and can be deployed over the Web for remote user or self-service scenarios as well.

  • The software also has integrations with RightFax and Workflow to provide a complete, end to end document imaging management solution. Additionally, Alchemy supports many scanning and capture systems. Built on Microsoft technology, it offers out-of-the-box integration options for Microsoft Office, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft SharePoint.

  • Regardless of the document type, Alchemy provides a centralised digital archive and a familiar folder-based user experience. Use Alchemy to consolidate documents from multiple systems and then deliver them to anyone who needs them via multiple delivery channels, including automated Document Routing. As the choice of more than 11,000 organisations worldwide since 1993, Alchemy is a name you can trust in document management software.

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