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Therefore™ information management software enables you to store, manage and process all kinds of business information efficiently, economically and securely throughout your organization.

Therefore Information Management Software


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Easy to use

No wasting time looking for documents. Just fast, efficient information flow that gives you a productive business edge.

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Higher productivity

Lower document-related operating costs, real-time and secure web access to company information.

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Secure access

No more missing information. Rest easy knowing your information is securely stored and only accessible to authorized personnel.

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Content Managment

Securely storing business documents is vital to any company. Customer files, past HR documents, and even financial documents must all be kept for several years due to legal requirements.


Physical storage not only uses valuable real estate, it also makes information retrieval very challenging. Necessary documents may be incorrectly filed, damaged, lost or incomplete.


Therefore™ information management software enables documents to be digitally archived, securely stored and deleted once the legally mandated time period has expired. Documents can be scanned and automatically saved and indexed. Once the document has been entered into the system, it can be electronically sent to the correct employee for review and validation using the easy-to-install workflow module.

By electronically archiving information, companies of all sizes can achieve the following benefits:

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Decreased costs

Businesses can cut photocopying and storage costs and decrease errors related to manual indexing.

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Faster processing

Workflows automatically route documents to the correct employee; completing tasks isn’t dependent on a single employee’s memory. Tasks that aren’t processed in time can be escalated to the relevant manager, and employees can be reminded of impending due dates with automatic email reminders.

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Mobile access

Archived documents can be found, read, and processed on the go using the Therefore™ Mobile App.

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Compliant archiving

Securely store all documents, maintain compliancy standards, and delete documents once the legally mandated time period for storage has expired.

Additional Features

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Therefore™ Workflow enables you to digitize your business processes. By moving away from a physical, paper-based process to an optimized electronic process, you can easily decrease the time needed to complete the process, increase accuracy, and improve the visibility, traceability as well as enhance customer service by proving faster, more accurate information.

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Collaborating with others is part of almost every job, but it’s certainly not easy!


Who made what changes? Which version is the most recent? Was this copy reviewed by the manager? Where did my colleague save the report? How do I collaborate with those who are working remotely?


These are just some of the many questions that frequently come up when dealing with collaborative work.

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Business Analytics

Therefore™ makes it easier than ever to access the key analytics of your business processes with an SQL reporting module and Microsoft Power BI integration.

Analytic information is vital for a company’s economic success and helps detect certain flaws or bottlenecks that need to be improved. Maximize the use of your Therefore™ system by getting real time analytics for all your business processes.


Get the information most interesting to you, such as invoice processing time, sales reports, and more. It’s possible to receive information on the performance of workflows, including the number of invoices processed each week or month, the average processing time for a workflow, and the number of instances processed by each user.

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Case Management

Your documents don’t work alone, so why should your document management system?


Documents and processes frequently consist of groups of documents that should be treated together to maximize the visibility and understanding of a case or record. For example, a purchase order, a delivery note and an invoice are related to one another and together tell a full story. Or, an HR case can be built to store an employee’s full records: CV, annual review, certifications and more.


You want to be able to view these documents, quickly see what has arrived and what’s still missing, and process them in connection to each other. And, of course, you can easily design workflows around all the documents in the case, or a single document.

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Let’s free your organization of paper and enable your business processes to flow electronically.


Therefore offers a wide selection of tools to help capture, organize and manage your information, from the document scanners, MFP copier machines, electronic documents using the Therefore document loader or from other back office systems like ERP or CRM systems using the Therefore content connector.

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No server, no problem! With Therefore™ Online, you can capture all the benefits of information management, minus the hassle and upfront costs of owning and maintaining a server!

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Low monthly payments

Flexible user licensing

Support and access information

A secure host

Fast deployment and easy configuration

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