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Ascot Business Solutions introduces greenbox® a multifunction input device that captures digital records.

The greenbox® functionality can be used for the verification of an individual as required by various acts such as FICA and RICA during any enrolment or registration process.

The greenbox® document scanning functionality generates digital records of supporting documentation, eliminating the need to make photocopies and captures a high resolution digital photograph, fingerprints, signature with optional passport scan and smart card reader.


  • Financial services

  • Healthcare

  • Retail

  • Internal Processes

  • Supply chain

  • Telecommunications

  • Education

  • Government



  • Enables paperless transactions

  • Verifies an individuals identity

  • Small desktop footprint (160mm x 350mm)

  • Reduces your carbon footprint dramatically

  • Reduces stationary & printing costs

  • Electronic records available in real-time

  • Transaction time reduced dramatically

  • USB powered

  • Eliminates the management, transport and storage of paper records

  • No photocopying required

  • Replaces a paper file with a digital record

  • ECT, FICA, RICA, NCA, CPA compatible

1. Document_sanner.png
3. Digital_signature.png
2. Fingerprint_reader.png
4. Smart_card_reader.png
5. ID_photo.png
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